45 RPM 7 inch

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No. Artist Side A Side B Label
1535 Arnold, Eddie What’s the Good Of All This Love Tennessee Stud RCA
1536 Arnold, Eddie When You And I Were Young Maggie White Azelias
  Roll Along Kentucky Moon When My Blue Moon Turns To Gold Again RCA
1537 Ball, Kenny and His Jazzmen If I Could Be You March Of The Siamese Children PYE
1538 Barber, Chris Jazz Band Jazz Parade Vol. 8 Jazz Parade Vol. 8 PYE
1539 Basie, Count The Golden Bullet Bluebeard Blues Philips
1540 Big Bill Broonzy Bill Bailey Back Water Blues
  Blue Tail Fly In the Evening Mercury
1541 Berry, Chuck Things I Used To Do The Promised Land PYE
1542 Brown, Hylo Just Any Old Love I’ve Wanted As Long As I Can Capitol
1543 Carson, Joe Who Will Buy My Memories I Gotta Get Drunk Liberty
1544 Cash, Johnny Katy Too I Forgot To Remember To Forget London American Recordings
1545 Cash, Johnny Goodbye, Little Darlin’, Goodbye You Tell Me London American Recordings
1546 Cline, Patsy She’s Got You Strange Brunswick
1547 Collins, Tommy Let Down It Tickles Capitol
1548 Collins, Tommy Little June A Hundred Years From Now Capitol
1549 Copas, Cowboy Settin’ Flat On Ready Flat Top Pickin’ Top Rank International
  Midnite In Heaven True Love
1550 Daniels, Joe Jazz Group Susie Sister Kate Parlophone
1551 Davis, Skeeter I Can’t Help You – I’m Falling Too No Never RCA
1552 Delmore Brothers, The Midnight Train Freight Train Boogie Parlophone
  Good Time Saturday Night Everybody Loves Her
1553 Diddley, Bo Detour Bo Diddley PYE International
1554 Domino, Fats Good Hearted Man Let The Four Winds Blow London American Recordings
1555 Donegan, Lonnie Lost John Bring A Little Water, Sylvie
  Stewball Dead Or Alive PYE Nixa
1556 Donegan, Lonnie Cumberland Gap Don’t You Rock Me Daddy-O PYE Nixa
  Love Is Strange I’m Alabammy Bound
1557 Donegan, Lonnie Bewildered It Is No Secret PYE Nixa
  Kevin Barry My Laggan Love
1558 Donegan, Lonnie I Wanna’ Go Home Jimmy Brown The Newsboy PYE Nixa
1558A Driftwood, Jimmy Country Guitar Volume 13 (5 Tracks) RCA
1559 Dusty, Slim The Pub Rock Waltzing Matilda Columbia
  Aussie Dog House Blues No Good Baby
1560 Dusty, Slim The Answer To A Pub With No Beer Winter Winds Columbia
1561 Everly Brothers, The Bye Bye, Love Wake up, Little Susie London American Recordings
  I Wonder If I Care As Much Maybe Tomorrow
1562 Ford, Tennessee Ernie Anticipation Blues Smokey Mountain Boogie Capitol
  Milk ‘Em In The Morning Blues The Shot Gun Boogie
1563 Ford, Tennessee Ernie Sleepin At The Foot Of The Bed Glad Rags Capitol
1564 Gibson, Don Even Tho’ Won’t ‘Cha Come Back To Me RCA Victor
  Didn’t Work Out, Did It? Foggy River
1565 Gibson, Don I Can Mend Your Broken Heart I Let Her Get Lonely RCA
1566 Gibson, Don Lonesome Number One The Same Old Trouble RCA
1567 Gibson, Don Just One Time I May Never Get to Heaven RCA
1568 Gunter, Hardrock I Believe That Country Music Is Here To Stay I’ve Done Gone Hog Wild Brunswick
  If I Could Only Live My Dreams I’m Looking For Another You
1569 Hawkshaw Hawkins Lonesome 7 – 7203 Everything Has Changed London American Recordings
1570 Husky, Ferlin A Fallen Star I Feel Better All Over Capitol
  Prize Possession Pick-A-Nickin
1571 Jackson, Wanda Party Honey, Honey Capitol
  Heartbreak Ahead Just Call Me Lonessome
1572 Jones, George Accidently On Purpose Sparkling Brown Eyes Mercury
1573 Jones, George Money To Burn Big Harlan Taylor Mercury
1574 Jones, George & Jimmie Skinner Treasure of Love Dark Hollow Mercury
  If I Don’t Love You Walkin’ My Blues Away
1575 Kingston Trio, The Oh Cindy The Tijuana Jail Capitol
1576 Lee, Brenda Lonely Lonely Lonely Me As Usual Brunswick
1577 Lee, Brenda Fool No. 1 Anybody But Me Brunswick
1578 Lee, Robin An Angel With A Broken Wing Gambling Man Reprise
1579 Locklin, Hank We’re Gonna Go Fishin Welcome Home, Mister Blues RCA
1580 Locklin, Hank My Old Home Town Please Help Me, I’m Falling RCA
1581 Locklin, Hank Happy Birthday To Me You’re The Reason RCA
1582 Locklin, Hank Behind The Footlights Flyin’ South RCA Victor
1583 Locklin, Hank This Song Is Just For You From Here To There To You RCA
1584 Louvin, Brothers Don’t Let Your Sweet Love Die Are You Teasing Me Capitol
  We Could Here Today And Gone Tomorrow
1585 Louvin, Brothers Are You Wasting My Time I Wonder If You Know Capitol
  On My Way To The Show Memories and Tears
1586 Louvin Brothers My Curly Headed Baby You’re Learning Capitol
1587 Louvin Brothers Knoxville Girl I Wish It Had Been A Dream Capitol
1588 Louvin Brothers Katie Dear Kentucky Capitol
  My Brother’s Will I’ll Be All Smiles Tonight
1589 Miki And Griff A New Love I Heard The Bluebirds Sing PYE Nixa
  Rockin Alone (In An Old Rocking Chair) I’m Here To Get My Baby Out Of Jail
1590 Miller, Frankie Young Widow Brown Richest Poor Boy Top Rank
  Losing Again Just For You
1591 Miller, Ned From A Jack To A King Parade Of Broken Hearts London American Recordings
1592 Morton, Jelly Roll Tank Town Bump The Chant His Master’s Voice
1593 McDonald, Skeets Fort Worth Goin’ Steady With The Blues Capitol
  Tomorrow Never Comes
1594 McEvoy, Johnny O Bambino Standing In The Rain
  The Bells On Christmas Eve Little Drummer Boy Target Records
1595 McEvoy, Johnny These Brown Eyes Muirsheen Durkin PYE
1596 McEvoy, Johnny/The Ramblers Two The West’s Asleep Come To The Bower PYE
  The Bold Fenian Men God Save Ireland
1597 O’Daniel, Ray What Goes Up Always Comes Down You’re The Only Love For Me Longhorn Records
1598 Eamon O’Shea Come Down The Mountain Katie Daly The Leprechaun Glenside Records
1599 Owens, Buck Above And Beyond Til These Dreams Come True Capitol
1600 Owens, Buck I’ve Got A Tiger By The Tail Cryin’ Time Capitol
1601 Owens, Buck I’ve Got A Right To Know Excuse Me Capitol
1602 Pierce, Webb In The Jailhouse Now Even tho’ Brunswick
  More and More Your Good-For-Nothing heart
1603 Posey, Sandy Blue Is My Best Colour Single Girl MGM
1604 Price, Ray Wasted Words Crazy Arms Phillips
  I’ve Got A New Heartache You Done Me Wrong
1605 Rainwater, Marvin I Dig You Baby Rovin Gambler MGM
  Moanin’ The Blues Whole Lotta Woman
1606 Reeves, Jim Welcome To My World My Juanita RCA Victor
1607 Reeves, Jim I Missed Me Am I Losing You RCA
1608 Reeves, Jim Little Ole You Guilty RCA Victor
1609 Reeves, Jim He’ll Have To Go In A Mansion Stands My Love RCA
1610 Rivers, Johnny Walk Myself On Home Maybelline Liberty
1611 Robbins, Marty (Nothing But) Sweet Lies Judy Fontana
  Then I Turned and Walked Slowly Away Wedding Bells
1612 Robbins, Marty Not So Long Ago I Hope You Learn A Lot CBS
1613 Rodgers, Jimmy Away out On The Mountain My Carolina Sunshine Girl
  The Brakeman’s Blues Blue Yodel (T for Texas) RCA
1614 Santo and Johnny Theme From Come September Hop Scotch PYE
1615 Smith, Arthur (Guitar Boogie) Guitar and Piano Boogie Cracker Boogie MGM
  Guitar Jamboree Cubanola Glide
1616 Smith, Arthur (Guitar Boogie) Guitar Boogie Hard Boiled Boogie MGM
  I.H. Boogie Hi Lo Boogie
1617 Snow, Hank A Fool Such as I I Don’t Hurt Anymore RCA
  The Golden Rocket The Star Spangled Waltz
1618 Snow, Hank Poor Little Jimmie Beggar To A King RCA
1619 Snow, Hank Lady’s Man Married By The Bible, Divorced By The Law RCA
1620 Snow, Hank Big Wheels Nobody’s Child
  I’m Hurtin All Over Why Do You Punish Me RCA
1621 Thompson, Hank Hang Your Head In Shame You’ll be The One Capitol
  Someone Can Steal You From Me Don’t Be That way
1622 Thompson, Hank Anybody’s Girl Total Strangers Capitol
1623 Thompson, Hank I Guess I’m getting Over You I Didn’t Mean To Fall In Love Capitol
1624 Ventures, The Lonely Heart Ram-Bunk-Shush London American Recordings
1625 Wells, Kitty I’m In Love With You It Wasn’t God Who Made Honky Tonk Angels Brunswick
  There’s Poison In Your Heart The Things I Might Have Been
1626 Whitman, Slim I’m Casting My Lassoo Towards the Sky There’s A Love Knot In My Lariat London American Recordings
  Warm Warm Lips Too Late Now
1627 Whitman, Slim That Silver Haired Daddy of Mine Crying For The Moon London American Recordings
  A Petal From A Faded Rose At The End of Nowhere
1628 Whitman, Slim The Letter Edged In Black I Never See Maggie Alone London American Recordings
1629 Whitman, Slim Remember Me Virginia Liberty Records
1630 Williams, Hank The Unforgettable Hank Williams (4 Tracks) MGM
1631 Williams, Hank The Unforgettable Hank Williams No. 2 (4 Tracks) MGM
1632 Williams, Hank The Unforgettable Hank Williams No. 3 (4 Tracks) MGM
1633 Williams, Hank May You Never Be Alone I Just Don’t Do This Kind of Livin’ MGM
1634 Williams, Hank Long Gone Lonesome Blues My Son Calls Another Man Daddy MGM
1635 Williams, Hank Movin’ All Over Window Shopping MGM
  Fly Trouble Pan American
1636 Williams, Hank Junior Long Gone Lonesome Blues Doesn’t Anybody Know My Name MGM
1637 Wilson, Eddie Rheinlander Waltz Dankeschoen Bitteschoen Wiedersehn Oriole
1638 York Brothers Tennessee Tango Why Don’t You Open The Door Parlophone
  Pretty Little Tattle Tale Blue River
1639 Young, Faron Part 1 (4 Tracks) Capitol
1640 Young, Faron Part 2 (4 Tracks) Capitol
1641 Young, Faron Part 3 (4 Tracks) Capitol
1642 Young, Faron Face To The Wall Riverboat Capitol
1643 Young, Faron That’s The Way It Gotta Be We’re Talkin It Over Capitol
1644 Young, Faron Hello Walls Congratulations Capitol
1645 Young, Faron A Long Time Ago Last Night At A Party Capitol
1646 Country Jubilee Volume (4 Tracks) Decca
1647 Country Jubilee Volume 2 (4 Tracks) DECCA
1648 Blue River Hoedown (4 Tracks) Melodisc
1649 Country Guitar Volume 5 (6 Tracks) RCA
1650 Country Guitar Volume 6 (6 Tracks) RCA
1651 Country Guitar Volume 8 (6 Tracks) RCA
1652 Country & Western Hit Parade No. 3 (4 Tracks) Phillips
1653 Country & Western Trail Blazers No. 3 (4 Tracks) Mercury
1654 Country & Western Express Vol. 4 (5 Tracks) Top Rank International
1655 Country & Western Express Vol. 6 (6 Tracks) Top Rank International
1656 This is CBS Country (6 Tracks) CBS